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Open multiple webpages with Actions using Automator

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2013 05:43PM UTC
To do this we need a service made in Automator, then we will link it to a shortcut in System Preferences, and finally  create an action to fire it.

01 - Creating the service

1 - Open Automator
2 - Select New Service
3 - In the Library list, select 'Internet'
4 - Drag the 'Get Specified URLs' action to the workflow panel on the right.
5 - Click the Add button to add a web address.
If you want, you can click the Add button again to add other items to the list, until all the items you need for your Service are present.
6 - From the Library pane, drag the 'Display Webpages' to the workflow pane, below the previous action.

Finally configure the parameters on the top right area of the panel. Set “no input” in ''

Your new service is now created. Save it and give it a name, we will use for our example “Actions - Open Webpages”


02 - Assigning a shortcut to the Service

Now go to OS X System Preferences > Keyboard, then to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.
In the left column select Services, then scroll in the right column until you find the General section, you will find the previously saved "Actions - Open Webpages" listed here. Select, then click on the button "add shortcut".

Now an empty field will appear, perform the shortcut you like on your computer keyboard.
It this example we will choose crtl + command + shift + alt + P. 
NOTE - remember to choose a unusual keyboard shortcut to avoid overriding other shortcuts already in use in Safari or global shortcuts.‚Äč

03 - Create an action to trigger the service
Now on your iPad create an action in your Set to fire that shortcut as show below
If you are not in a Safari Set, remember to add Safari as target of your action!

You are done, multiple webpages at a tap!

Enjoy :)
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