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Import & Export Flows via Dropbox

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2013 03:50PM UTC
If you haven't linked Actions to Dropbox, you need to activate it first. Here you can find out how
Don’t know what Dropbox is? It’s one of the best services to share files in the world! Check it out here

If Dropbox linking is active, head to Actions’ folder inside Dropbox folder on your system. You can find it under:

Dropbox > Apps > ActionsApp

The ActionsApp folder contains your sets grouped by OS, so you could find “MacSets” if you are a Mac user, “WindowsSets” if you are a Windows user, or both if you are working with both systems.

If you purchased Flows, you will also find "MacFlows" or "WinFlows".


Export to Dropbox

To export a Flow, just tap on the arrow icon on top of it's editing panel, which is visible when the Flow side-panel is open.

Once exported, your set will be immediately available in your Dropbox folder.


Import to Actions

​To import a Flow, just make sure that the file extension is correct for your OS (.flow for Mac and .floww for Windows) and drag it to the MacFlows or WindowsFlows folder, depending on your system of choice.

After a few seconds you will see the imported set appear in the Actions Presets Panel.
To open the Actions Presets Panel, just get to edit mode with an open set, and tap on "Load", instead of "Create".

​You will find a new section dedicated to your own saved and imported sets.
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