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Connection Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2013 11:43AM UTC
In this article you can find a collection of troubleshoots and workaround about connection for both Mac and PC Windows. If you are at your first attempt to connect Actions to your computer please read before this article: Connection.


Before to start with troubleshooting

Actions uses Apple's "Bonjour" network discovery to automatically find and configure a connection with your computer. This means that if you want to use Actions with a PC you need iTunes to be installed on it. To freely download iTunes go to this address:

To install Bonjour without installing iTunes you can download and install it from this link:

Before you begin, make sure the iPad and Mac are connected to the same local Wi-Fi network.

Home Wi-Fi routers usually allow Bonjour and peer to peer connections automatically.

Some public hotspots, corporate and institutional networks block Bonjour and possibly the network ports required to communicate. In some cases you may need to contact the network administrator for further assistance.

Here you find a list of procedures to make sure your computer can reach your iPad and make a connection.


1. Download the latest Actions Server

1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest Actions Server version, and it is running on your computer.

2. Download the latest version at:

3. Install it. If you want to go in deep with installation check this article: Actions Server - Download & Installation

4. Once installed Actions Server you should see its icon in the menu bar.

5. Now run Actions on your iPad and see if your computer is listed in the Network Panel.

6. Try To Connect


2. Completely stop Actions Server and reboot the iPad

1. Stop Actions Server on your computer, by clicking on the menu bar icon and choosing Quit.

2. Completely stop Actions on your iPad. To do this, double tap the home button and the dock should slide up and the task manager should appear under it. Find Actions icon. Tap and hold it until it shows a red '-' in the corner and tap that '-'.

3. Now restart the iPad by pressing and holding the power button for about three seconds, until the red slider comes. Slide to power off.

4. Now press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

5. Reopen Actions Server on your computer.

6. Run Actions on your iPad and see if now discovers your computer.


3. Disable Bluetooth on your iPad

There have been some known issues with Bluetooth affecting bonjour Wi-Fi networking on the iPad. Try temporarily disabling Bluetooth on the iPad and see if that solves the problem.

1. Open Settings > General > Bluetooth and set it to off.

2. Verify that Actions Server is running on your computer, then start Actions and see if it discovers the Mac.


4. Run the "Connectivity Test" to make sure your computer can reach your iPad

1. Click on the Actions Server icon in the Mac menu bar (upper right corner of the screen) or in the Windows traybar (lower right corner of the screen), then choose Preferences...

2. Click The Network Tab.
From this screen note that the name of your computer is listed in the middle area, you'll see Server name: follower by your computer name.
Below you will see it’s available IP Addresses and a Server Port.

3. Now Click "Start Test" button in the lower area. This will make Actions Server start to transmit test packets.

4. On your iPad open up Safari, and in the address bar tipe "http://", followed by the server IP, followed by ":", followed by the port number.
You will have an address like this

http://123.456.1.234:17797 (your address will have different numbers, but this structure)

6. Once you wrote down this address in Safari press GO on the iPad keyboard.

7. Safari will now browse the net looking for your computer in the wifi network.

If you pass the Test
A successful test shows in Safari the message: Server says: "Successful Test!"
it means that your network and your settings are compatible with Actions Server.
Now remember to turn the connectivity test OFF in order to connect with Actions.
Actions can't connect to Actions Server until the Test is running.

If the test fails 
your network equipment or settings may not be compatible with Actions Server.

What else to do?

If you are on a work or institution network it is possible that the Server Port is blocked in that network. For help with this you will need to contact your network administrator to either unblock the port or find a port range that is open.
You also can try and change the port using the procedure described here. A good strategy is to try ports with in a range. For example first try a port number within 1025 - 5000, and then between 5000 - 10000. To test, change the listening port on the Network Tab dialog and click apply, then repeat the test on Safari changing each time the value for the Server Port.
Try the connection until you find the right values.

If is still not successful and you have a Mac, try the procedure a6. Setting up a Computer-to-Computer Network
If is still not successful and you have a PC, your network equipment or settings may not be compatible with Actions Server.


5. Use a direct connection with Custom IP Address

Before to make the direct connection you need to have passed the Connection Test in the point a4.
If the connection test is Successful proceed as follow

1. Enter again in Actions Server Preferences > Network
2. Make note of the server IP Address in the middle area of the panel
3. Start Actions on your iPad then go to the Network Panel
4. Tap the button Custom IP Address, a four cell field will open up
5. Enter the IP address you noted in point 2.
6. Tap Done on the iPad keyboard
7. Tap again Custom IP Address to activate it.

The iPad should now connect with your computer.


6. (only for Mac) Bypassing wifi router and setting up a Computer-to-Computer Ad hoc Network

This will create a direct connection between your Mac and iPad and isolate the router and other network equipment from the equation.
This will help determine if the problem is in the network equipment or the Mac configuration.

** Important before to start with this procedure***
iPad can be very finicky going into and out of Adhoc mode. Before proceeding restart the iPad by holding the home and power button until the screen goes completely blank, then press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears. Also exit Actions Server on the Mac before proceeding.

1. On your Mac, click on the AirPort icon in the menu bar. (Turn Airport on if necessary)
2. Choose 'Create network...'
3. Choose a name and optionally a password (if you check the Require Password box) (40-bit WEP is fine and uses a 5 character password)
4. Connect your iPad to this network by Going to Settings-> Wi-Fi on the iPad and select the name of the network you just created.
5. Enter the password (if you used one in step 3)
6. Wait for the Wi-Fi icon to appear on the iPad status bar
7. Tap the blue (>) button that appears at the right of the wifi network name you created, wait for an ip address and subnet to be shown - this can take a while.
8. Start Actions Server on the Mac

Run Actions Server and see if it discovers the Mac
In some rare cases the Mac must be rebooted to properly establish an Adhoc connection.
Reboot the Mac and try the procedure again.

If you still can’t connect contact tech support for additional assistance.
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