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Create a Set from scratch

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2013 11:24PM UTC
In this article we will show you how to create new Sets and Touchpads step by step.
If you have any doubt about the view names we use in this section, have a look to these articles:

Overview: Actions Structure

Create & Edit things

Create a Set and a Touchpad from scratch

Go to Set Library Edit Mode

To create a New Set first open the Set Library, swiping top-down with three fingers from the Set View.
The Set will slide down revealing the Set Library.

Now tap the Pencil icon in the top-right corner to switch to the Set Library Edit Mode. The background will change showing up a grid, and the Create and Load buttons will appear.

Create a new Set from Scratch

Now that you are in The Set Library Edit Mode you will see the Create and the Load buttons at the end of your Set list

the Create Button lets you create a Set from scratch
the Load Button lets you load an entire Set Preset (keep in mind that if you load a Preset you are still able to completely change its content later)

In this example we will create a Set from scratch so let's tap the Create Button.

Once you tap it, a new set icon will be created in the Set Library, then the Set Edit Panel will come at his side.

In this panel you can edit your new Set preferences:

Label: this is the name the new Set will show. You cannot give it a name already existing, so in that case  Actions will automatically add a number at the title's end.

Audio: choose whether you want the Set to play sounds (ON) or not (OFF)

Magnet Application: this is the application on your computer you want to be linked to the new Set. So when you will select the Set, your computer will switch to the chosen application. Also when you will switch to that application on your computer Actions will show you this Set.

Once you set your preferences, simply drag the Panel left or right, or tap outside it to make it go away,
then close the Edit Mode tapping the check symbol in the top-right corner. The background grid will disappear and your new (and empty) Set is created.

Create a New Touchpad from scratch

Now that you have created your new Set you need to fill it with at least one Touchpad.
Tap the icon of your new Set to open it. Actions will go to the Set View and will automatically switch to the Set Edit Mode to make you create a first Touchpad in it.

In the same way as for the Set Library, you will see the the Create and Load buttons, giving you the same two options for your Touchpad:

a - Create lets you create a Touchpad from scratch
b - Load lets you load one or many Actions Presets  (same as for Sets, so keep in mind that if you load a Preset you are still able to completely change its content later)

In this example we will create a Touchpad from scratch so let's tap the Create button.

Once you tap the Create button, a black new Touchpad will be created in the Set, then the Action Edit Panel will come at his side.

Here you can edit your new Touchpad preferences:

Label: this is the name you will see on the new Touchpad. You can choose between two different font sizes, but only when an Icon is not chosen. So first go down in the icon field and turn it OFF, then you will see under the label field that the two text options will appear. Tap the label field, tap the x at the right side to delete the default name then write yours. Tapping the A- or A+ will make it get small or big.

Shortcut: this is the Action to send to your computer application. Tap the modifier keys to turn them on or off. Tap the empty field and and extended keyboard will appear. If you want to go in deep with Shortcuts go to the shortcut section in the knowledge base.

Target: this is the computer application that will receive your shortcut. In this tutorial, given that you already set a Magnet Application while editing the Set, now you don't need to specify the Target. Actions will simply assume that the target of this Action will be the Magnet application.

Icon: this is the place where you choose the icon to be showed on your Touchpad. Turn it On and have a look to the collections, you find 10 tabs of categories for nearly 900 icons! If you don't want to dig into the categories you find here the list of all our icons.

Color: here you find 7 colors that will help you to customize the look of your Touchpad. Just tap a color and see how the Touchpad looks.

Set your preferences then simply drag the Panel left or right, or tap outside it, to make it go away.

Well done!
Now you have your first touchpad for your new set!

Load a New Touchpad from a Preset

Let's create another touchpad, but this time loading it from a Preset.

Be sure you still are in Edit Mode (you are in it if you see the grid on the background and the Create and Load buttons).

This time tap the Load button. The Action Preset Panel will appear.

In this panel you find a list of all the computer applications that have actions available in Actions library. Note that you can see in this list even applications you don't have actually installed in your computer!

Let's choose, for an example, Firefox. Tap it and you go in the list of all actions available for Firefox, sorted in categories. You can browse the list flipping up and down. Just tap an action to select it, it will turn into blue and the right led will turn on. Here you can choose as many Actions you want, let's select two of them.

Now tap the check button in the upper right corner of the panel and you are done.

The panel will slide away and Actions will drop your Touchpads on the Set desk. As you can see they are fully customized Touchpads, with color, label and most likely an Icon.

Now you have three Touchpads in your Set.

Tap a Touchpad to recall the Edit Panel and change its preferences.

Tap and hold a Touchpad until it gets a little bigger, then drag it to rearrange your Touchpads.

Tap and hold a Touchpad then drag it over another one to create a Subset.

Experiment by yourself, or have a look at The Set Edit Mode in Create & Edit things to learn more
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