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Last Updated: Feb 14, 2013 11:24PM UTC
Actions is provided with a set of gestures with one, two and three fingers, to broaden and speed up your control over all the operations.

One finger gestures - Navigate inside a set

Swipe left or right with one finger to navigate between different pages of a multipage Set or a multipage Subset

Two finger gestures - Universal Actions

Gestures with two Fingers are reserved for universal actions. These are commands that Actions send to the computer application you have currently in focus and they don't need a Set linked to that application.

Swipe up with two fingers to Copy (same as cmd+C Mac or crtl+C Win)
Swipe down with two fingers to Paste (same as cmd+V Mac or crtl+V Win)
Swipe left with two fingers to Undo (same as cmd+Z Mac or crtl+Z Win)
Swipe right with two fingers to Redo (same as cmd+Y Mac or crtl+Y Win)

Undo / Redo works also for multiple history steps if the application in focus on your computer supports them. In this case each time you swipe left you move backward in history of one undo step, and so on for redo swiping right.
Undo / Redo works only for applications that have cmd+Z (Mac) / ctrl+Z (Win) shortcut for Undo, and cmd+Y (Mac) / ctrl+Y (Win) shortcut for Redo

Three finger gestures - Navigate through Sets

Swipe down with three fingers to Access the Set Library
Swipe left or right with three fingers to Switch to previous/next Set directly from the Set view
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