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Windows 8 - Supported except Metro apps

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2013 05:37PM UTC

Actions is currently working on Windows 8 machines, except for Metro applications.
We will start producing the additional code for Metro applications later this year.

If you have issues with some application send us a mail or open a public question.
Before to do this, try to spot what kind of issue you have. Chances are that the issue is actually not linked to the Win 8 OS, but to the application, and we are continuously collecting data and finding patterns from your reports, to make Actions work properly with the broadest possible range of software.

If you are in doubt about Win 8 to be the reason of your issue, here the two most frequent issues not linked to Win 8 OS but to your applications (send us reports anyway):

1 - some shortcuts do work, some other not:
If your application respond to single key shortcuts and not to modifier+key, or vice-versa, this is an issue not related to Win 8, but to the way the application listens and accepts the shortcuts.
We are currently working on Actions v1.0.4 to introduce a new way to communicate with applications to overcome and fix these issues. In case you have a problem like this please let us know what application, version and language you are using, and what OS and iOS and language.

2 - each time you send an action, your computer opens a new instance of the same application:
this is an issue linked to the "focus recognition" of the application and not exactly to Win 8. It happens often with Win systems (all versions) when Windows is not aware of what application is currently in focus. You can test if is exactly this case if you remove the magnet from your Action Set on your iPad and then the application works properly . 
In case you have a problem like this tell us you have a Focus recognition issue and let us know what application, version and language you are using, and what OS and iOS and language.

In all other cases you can send us a generic report and we will try to spot with you where the issue is and try to fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your collaboration.

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