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Windows 7 Issue - Resolved

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2013 10:41AM UTC
Dear Windows Users,

we have found a solution to the infamous "Win 7 Library Issue". 

Many of you described issues with the default Windows 7 Set, which seemed to be quite straightforward at the beginning, but had instead some hidden trickery underneath. 

Our discoveries then lead to the 1.0.1 updates, for both Actions and Actions Server for windows, where the former is waiting for approval and the latter has already been pushed on our servers. Please update Actions Server now if you use Actions with Windows machines from 

Windows Explorer and the Library window Issue: what happened

The "Library Issue" is deeply related to Windows Explorer, the application that handles windows operations in Win OS. 
For instance, If you create a new folder, delete or rename a file, browse your hard disk and your documents in Windows OS,  you are using Windows Explorer. But there is an important point, you are using it only if you do these operations inside a window, as if you do the same for files and folders in your desktop, Windows Explorer is not involved. 

This is the root of the "Win 7 issue", as this application always needs a window to work.
So whenever you tried to make an action without having a window open, the unpleasant default Library window appeared, as Window Explorer felt to have no instances active and created the default one (the Library window), even if you wanted to perform actions somewhere else. 

What made this problem difficult to unravel was an actual underlying bug (problems in managing the app focus) that let the actions pass also on the desktop operations (which is wrong) on many machines , including ours. This meant that we tried to understand why some machines created the windows (which was in fact a proper behavior), where the wrong behavior was instead not to create windows. For a lot of time our tests were inconclusive until an epiphany arrived, also thanks to your detailed reports.

In short: we have mistaken the natural behavior of Windows Explorer, and that lead us to put it as magnet to system-wide actions. Sorry for this oversight.

v1.0.1 A new approach to Windows Explorer

The new understanding and consequent approach to Windows Explorer obliged us to remove it as magnet for the Windows default Set, also because it has many actions not exclusively linked to it (for instance all the windows management actions should work on all application windows).

Now you will have a consistent behavior for each action you use in the Win 7 Set.


A new feature to fill the gap

Removing the magnet force you to manually choose the win 7 Set, and this is regrettably less comfortable. We asked ourselves how could this Win 7 Set be quickly recalled, so we dug in the our "upcoming features palette" and implemented a new function aimed to solve this problem, and as well speed up operations for sets that for their nature can have no magnet. 

So let's introduce the Fav Set

With the upcoming update (1.0.1) you can choose a set to be your Favorite, tapping the star button found in Set’s setting panel, top-right. 

Your Fav Set can be recalled simply by holding down 3 fingers on your iPad; the same gesture works backwards on your Fav Set, bringing you back to your last used set. 
You could use it for system actions, windows management, a mixed set, basic text editing actions, and with the upcoming features the possibilities are endless.

We hope to receive Apple's approval this week, we'll keep you posted here and on our social networks as soon as the update gets pushed to the AppStore, meanwhile remember to update your Actions Server already.


A new redesigned Win 7 set 

We also added an entirely redesigned set for Windows 7 (along with some new one, for both platforms), including the most user requested missing functions.The actions and their disposition has been retought and some of the buttons having issues have been corrected. 

This way we hope you can get quickly back on track to keep using actions with you Windows system, finally with a more consistent experience.

Thank you for the great help you gave with your reports. 

We really care you feedbacks, support, appreciation or criticism.
We hope you will enjoy the new version

The Usefool Team
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