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Control your favorite webapp with Actions using Fluid

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2013 12:14PM UTC

How many times have you desired to handle your favorite web service as it was a standalone application?.
This is exactly what Fluid for Mac let you do, so - most important - you can take its control with Actions!

In this example we will show you how to turn facebook website in a standalone application for Mac.
The process is very easy

1 - turn your favorite web app in a standalone Mac app using Fluid
2 - create a Set in Actions for your new app, and take the control

1 - Create the standalone app

First download Fluid from, for this example the free version of Fluid is all we need.
Once downloaded, move Fluid into your Applications folder, then launch it,
it will open up this window:

The fields are
- URL: insert here the exact web link of your web service
- Name: the name you want to see for that when it is turned in a Mac application
- Location: where you want to store and recall your new Mac app (leave it Applications folder)
- Icon: the icon you want to be showed in Finder for that application, you can use the website favicon or select Other... and add the image you want

When you are done Click on Create, Fluid will create the application file placing it where you decided and you will be able to launch it as a real program.

Now you are done with step 1.
Just go in the Application folder and find your new Facebook App application.


2 - Create a Set in Actions for the new app

Now it's the moment of Actions.
First thing first, remember to Quit and Relaunch Actions Server on your Mac, so it will be able to rescan the Application folder and find the Facebook App you just created. To do so right click on ActionsServer icon in the menu bar (upper right corner of your monitor) and select Quit. Then Open the Applications folder and relaunch it.

Now that Actions Server has been relaunched you'll have your new app available in the list, take your iPad and open Actions, create a New Set (just select create), choosing its name and selecting as Magnet application your Facebook App.
(Where is the app? It is in the list, but has no icon. Why? Because Fluid icons are currently incompatible with Actions, so you will see just the name "Facebook App" and an empty field in the icon field :/ Anyway, we love so much to use Actions with Fluid apps that we don't care too much :)

Now exit edit mode and start to fill your new set with your favorites facebook actions, you will launch them with a tap of Actions.

But... What are the facebook shortcuts?

You find them here!

Note that Fluid(ed) apps work as they are in Safari, so you will need to configure the facebook shortcuts in the list with alt + ctrl modifiers.
eg. alt + ctrl + 1 = home page
alt + ctrl + 2 = your profile page
alt + ctrl + 4 = your messages
and so on...

Experiment with your favorite apps, and leave us your feedbacks and suggestions!

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