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Control a Virtual Machine with Actions using Fusion

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2013 12:14PM UTC

This first tip about using Actions inside a virtual machine is dedicated to Fusion for Mac.
​We will explain you how to use Actions with it and expand your control over different systems inside your computer.

The process is very easy

1 - configure properly the network settings for your virtual machine
2 - install ActionsServer and iTunes in the virtual machine to get connected with Actions

Let's start!

1 - Configure network for your Virtual Machine

First open Fusion then go to your Virtual Machine Library, selecting Window > Virtual Machine Library from the Menu.
You will see the panel with all your VMs listed together. Select the Virtual Machine you want to control with Actions, then open its Settings and select Network. You will see this window

Configure its network selecting the Bridged mode, then select using Wifi, in this way your Virtual Machine will share the computer hardware to connect itself to your network as it would be a real computer and i will create its own IP address, so it can be viewed in your network.
Leave blank the Advanced options, as you don't need to create a custom Mac Address for your machine.
That's it. You are ready to run your Virtual Machine and to configure ActionsServer inside it


2 - Install Actions Server and bonjour services

Now run your Virtual Machine.
You need to install in it two elements:
- ActionsServer
- iTunes, or just the bonjour components

Download the latest version of Actions Server form our website

Or alternatively use these direct links for the Windows version for the Mac version

Now you need to have Apple’s Bonjour service on your VM in order to be automatically discovered by Actions.
If you have iTunes installed in your Virtual Machine, you already have its components ready. 

If you do not have iTunes installed, download it from this link (then install it).

If you are not interested in iTunes for your VM you can just download the Bonjour services from this link:
(Once you have installed bonjour services in your VM you don't need to make any additional settings)

You are now ready to connect.

Let's make a final check to be sure.
Right click on the tiny bolt icon of ActionsServer to open its preferences, then go to Network.
You should see a panel like this.

If you see a machine Server name and a valid IP you passed the check.

Just open Actions in your iPad, go in the Network panel and you will see your VM name in the list.
Tap it and you are done.

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