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Last Updated: Dec 21, 2013 11:49AM UTC
What the heck is a Flow?

A Flow is basically a macro, a group of actions that starts in sequence.
You can chain as many actions as you like in a single pad, to accomplish complex cross-application tasks with a quick tap.

Let's say you usually make a screenshot of your designs and send it to a friend.
With a Flow you can automate this, so that a single tap can accomplish the entire task.

Additionally, you can set Wait steps, to interrupt the chain of events for a given time or
until you tap the pad again.

For instance, in the screenshot example, we could use a Wait to enter a custom message for your friend, leaving the Flow waiting for your input to send then the message.

How to create a Flow
To make Flow inside your action, tap on the little Flow icon in your action setting panel.

You'll be presented with a sidepanel where you can add any number of steps to your Flow.
Here you can tap "Add step" to append a new action in the Flow sequence.

To add a step in the middle of the sequence, just select the step that must preceed the one you are now creating. This way you can put steps in-between two pre-existing actions.

When an action contains a Flow, hence fires a sequence of actions instead of a single one, the Flow button will turn blue, to tell you "Hey, there is something more here!". :)

Editing Steps
Select a step to see its properties, set it up or modify it.
To delete or duplicate the step, just swipe the step to the left and tap the related button.

With Flow's purchase, you will also get a new action type, the fabulous Wait.
This action stops the chain of events, waiting for a given time or your input to proceed.

This is meant to be used where the duration of processes inside of a Flow is variable, as we cannot detect the “readyness” of an application, especially on olders machines.

You can find the Wait left to Shortcut action type in the action type selector.

Now, think about a Wait step as a flag along the path of the Flow. With a 2 finger tap on a Flow pad, you have the ability to "jump" to the next flag, that is the next Flow, or get back to start if the last.
This way you can avoid parts of your Flow or use it creatively to make toggles and more.

One example I personally use is to keep "Copy Style" and "Paste style" in the same Flow.
A first tap copies, the second one pastes the style. But what if I want to paste it more than once?
Well, in this scenario we would just tap with 2 fingers on "Copy Style" and we would have jumped to "Paste Style" without launching the previous action. Now I quick tap lets you paste again.

Shortcut behavior
To widen Flows possibilities, we've added a special ability to the shortcut setting panel.
Under the target field, you will notice a new multi-toggle.
(NOTE: You need to have a Flow, you won't see it on a single action)

This is the natural behavior of a button, that is to emulate a quick press the selected keys.
Use it if you just need to send a simple shortcut, a basic command.

While a simple pad (with a single action, without a flow) have the congenital ability to be held down, as it was physically holding the selected keyboard's keys until your release, in a Flow things are quite different.

A step with the hold propety active, is "held down" until the Flow has completed its steps.

You can also release it; to do this just duplicate the same step or create one with identical properties.

You will now notice a change in the toggle's icon; When you see this icon, you know that you already have that same combination kept in hold, and now the same selection actually behaves as a "release".
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