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Access any command in your menu bar

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2013 12:03PM UTC
Requires "Flows" purchase (IAP - $2.99)

With the introduction of Flows, is now possible to reach any command of your app’s menus.
Let's see how to do it on a Mac. (PC coming soon!)

To start, we’ll focus to the menubar, with a CTRL + F2.

NOTE: we recommend to change the shortcut, to CMD + F10 for instance, as it’s fairly common for the previous not to work sometimes. (even from your keyboard)
Find out how to change default shortcuts

​​Now, the official method would be to insert the snippet for the first menu category, such as “File” or “Edit”, add a “Shortcut” step with “enter”, and repeat the steps until arriving to the desired command.

​Fortunately, there is a trick to avoid this hassle.
Just create a snippet after CTRL + F2 (or F10 or else) adding a line (hitting return) for each item you have to navigate, in this way:

To reach a sub-menu (in this case we want to point to Photoshop, nested in "Open with") just add a Shortcut step to emulate a “arrow right” press, before a last snippet with desired menu item's name.

This way we arrive to highlight the menu item, but we should validate the choice with a "return" key press.
To save some time, instead of adding a Shortcut step with the aforementioned return, you could simply include it in the snippet.

If you do it right, you should see the blinking blue line under the last line, like this:

With this trick you can easily reach any command without shortcut, avoiding the hideous process of digging thru keyboard preferences and set them up.

Enjoy. :)
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