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Import, Export and Backup Sets via iTunes

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2013 03:57PM UTC

With Actions you can export and import your sets for backup or sharing.

For both operations you need to use iTunes as a bridge for file handling.


Accessing Actions files via iTunes

Launch iTunes on your computer, then connect your iPad via wifi or cable, select it, and finally select the Apps tab.

In the ‘Apps’ page, scroll the page down to the ‘File Sharing’ section, then find and select Actions in the ‘Apps’ list. 

In the ‘Actions Documents’ list you should then find a folder for each Os for which you have created sets. (MacSets / WindowsSets) 



Dragging files
To export your sets just drag the desired folder (Mac or Windows) anywhere on your desktop.
When saved on your desktop you can open the folder to access the individual set files. 

NOTE: depending on your iTunes and OS, dragging may not work, in those cases please use the dialog window.

Using Dialog Window
Just select one (or both Mac and Windows) folder the click the “Save to...” button.
Select the path for saving your sets from the dialog window.



Select one or more presets files and drag them in the Actions documents area.
You will see them added in the list.

Each ten seconds Actions scans that folder and automatically adds the sets to the right one. This prevents you to accidentally place a set in the wrong folder.

NOTE: You can not import and overwrite an entire folder with all the sets.

Using the dialog window
Click on the “Add...” button at the bottom of the Actions Document Panel. You will open a Finder / window Explorer window asking you where do you want to pick your file to be imported in Actions.

Once a set is imported in the right folder from Actions, it becomes immediately available in the Actions Set Library.
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